Festoon Lighting 25 mtr (Coloured) bulb spacing 0.5 mtr



Strings of coloured bulbs available for indoor or outdoor usage.

*We will always supply a percentage of spare bulbs at no extra cost, for any accidental breakages.

* Waterproof, flexible & very effective for gardens, balcony, pavilion, marquee or basement.

* 50 lamps per 25 metres

* These festoon bulbs are secured to double insulated cable making them perfect for outdoor use.

* Can be easily daisy chained together

*Bulbs can be supplied in various colours and sequences to give your event a completely unique feel or theme. For example our Opal white, Green, and Red festoons are very popular at Christmas.
Our available colours in any combination are- Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Opal White, clear, and orange.

* Also available a 4000 Watt dimmer for controlling sets of festoon.
Please bare in mind, each bulbs is 25 watts so a set with 50 bulbs in will be a total draw of 1250 watts and only 3 sets can be controlled per 1 dimmer.

* Useable with 4 Channel Festoon Controller